Columns in The C/C++ Users Journal by P.J. Plauger

Declaring Functions [Dec 1987/Jan 1988]
What's in a Name?
Data Object Types [Mar/Apr 1988]
Touching Memory
Expression Classes [Jun/Jun 1988]
Value Preserving Rules
Grouping [Sep/Oct 1988]
Typing Expressions

Locales [Dec 1988/Jan 1989]
Large Character Sets
Phases of Translation [Mar/Apr 1989]
Defining and Expanding Macros
Conditional Translation [Jun/Jul 1989]
Evolution of the C I/O Model
Streams [Sep/Oct 1989]
Formatted Output

Formatted Input [Dec 1989/Jan 1990]
Quiet Changes, Part I
Quiet Changes, Part II
Wha Gang Agley
Wha Gang Agley, Part 2
A Matter of Interpretation
Interpreting the Nasties
Library Ground Rules
With Gun and Reel
Character Classification Functions
Implementing <ctype.h>
The Header <errno.h>

The Header <float.h> [Jan 1991]
The Header <limits.h>
The Header <locale.h>
Implementing <locale.h>
Build Your Own Locales
Formatting Monetary Values
Math Functions
Math Primitives
A Math Sampler
The Header <setjmp.h>
The Header <stdarg.h>
The Header <stddef.h>

Implementing <stdio.h> [Jan 1992]
Primitives for <stdio.h>
The Header <signal.h>
The Header <stdlib.h>
Text to Numeric Conversions
Storage Allocation Functions
Multibyte Functions
C and the Environment
The Header <string.h>
Comparing Strings
Searching Strings

The Header <time.h> [Jan 1993]
Time Conversion Functions
Time Formatting Functions
Formal Changes to C
Large Character Set Support
Large Character Set Functions
Wide Character Streams
Numerical C Extensions Group
Floating-Point C Extensions
Developing the Standard C++ Library
C++ Library Ground Rules
The C Library in C++

Technical Corrigendum 1 [Jan 1994]
The Header <exception>
C++ Language Support Library
Introduction to Iostreams
The Header <ios>
The Header <streambuf>
The Header <istream>
The Header <ostream>
Implementing <ostream>
The Header <iomanip>

The Header <strstream> [Jan 1995]
Implementing <strstream>
The Header <sstream>
The Header <fstream>
Implementing <fstream>
The Header <iostream>
The Header <string>
Implementing <string>
The Header <bitset>
The Header <complex>
Implementing <complex>
The Standard Template Library

STL Headers -- An Overview [Jan 1996]
The Header <utility>
The Header <iterator>, Part 1
The Header <iterator>, Part 2
The Header <memory>
Introduction to <algorithm>
Ordering Algorithms
Last of the Algorithms

The Header <vector> [Jan 1997]
The Header <list>
The Header <deque>
Associative Containers
Implementing Associative Containers
Container Adapters
Library Update
The Header <valarray>
The Header <limits>
Introduction to Locales
The Facet ctype
The Facet codecvt

The Facets num_put and numpunct [Jan 1998]
The Facet num_get
The Facet moneypunct
The Facet money_put
The Facet money_get
The Facet time_put
The Facet time_get
The Facet collate
Last of the Facets
Exception Safety in STL
Hash Tables
Thread Safety

Revising Standard C [Jan 1999]
Embedded C++ Update
Simple Iostreams
Unicode Files
Multibyte Files
A Better Deque
A Better Red-Black Tree
A Better List
Why 2K?
A Better Sort
Frequently Answered Questions
Frequently Answered Questions: STL

Java Standard Time [Jan 2000]
A Singly Linked List
Testing Conformance
Testing C++ Library Conformance