Columns in Embedded Systems Programming by P.J. Plauger

Diggin In [Nov 1988]

Designing for Real Time [Feb 1989]
Designing for Real Time, Part 2
Getting Ready for Standard C
State of the Art
Designing with Microprocessors
Designing with Microprocessors, Part 2
Traditional Analysis and Design
Object Oriented Seminars
Soft Stuff
The Language Derby
The OS Derby

Concurrent Programming [Jan 1990]
Rolling Your Own
Learning C++
Structuring Data
Documenting Operating Systems
Serious Real-Time
Developing Software
CASE Seminars
Trade Magazines, Part 1
Trade Magazines, Part 2
Trade Magazines, Part 3
Sync or Swim

On Being Fast Enough [Jan 1991]
The Scheduler's Dilemma
Evaluating Device Controllers
Designing Device Handlers
Writing Interrupt Handlers
Multiple-Precision Arithmetic
Fixed-Point Arithmetic
Floating-Point Arithmetic
Decimal Arithmetic
Alternative Arithmetic
Managing Storage
Finding the Focus

The Latest Revolution [Jan 1992]
The Good Bits
The Heavy Duty Bits
All About Standards
The Falutin Index
Counting Things
Acquiring Histograms
Analyzing Spectra
Control Theory for Pedestrians
Embedded Programming in C++
Controlling Hardware from C and C++

Rolling Back [Jan 1993]
Real-Time POSIX
Displaying Data
Enhancing Displays
The Standard for Quality
The Inefficient Mind Set
Getting Better
An Embedded C++ Library
The Other Interfaces
Staying Alive

Babies and Bathwater [Jan 1994]
Who Cares?
Whither Compilers?
Encoding Text
Complex Made Simple
Complex Math Functions
Life on the Edge
The Templates are Coming
What Happens Next?

Playing it Safer [Jan 1995]
Share It
Under Construction
To Peek or to Eat
From Indexes to Iterators
A Taxonomy of Iterators
Copy Wrongs
Stringing Along
Worldly Code
Testing, One Two Three

Say it with HTML [Jan 1996]
Dumb on Arrival
Figuring the Cost
Too Much of a Good Thing
A First Taste of Java
Getting Connected
Sixteen Years Before the Mast
Embedded C++
Heap Management

To Widen or Not to Widen [Jan 1997]
Debugging Iterators
Math in All Precisions
Turtles and Overcoats
Translating Java to C
Byte by Byte
Floating-Point Primitives
Staying Connected
Neither Rain nor Snow
Templates in C++
Pointers and Addresses
More Pointers and Addresses

Why Garbage Collection [Jan 1998]
Smarter Pointers
Garbage Collection
Real-time Garbage Collection
The New C Standard
Say it With Text
Say it With Unicode
Hash It
Derivative Works
Ten and Counting
Out of Sorts

House of Cards [Jan 1999]
Lose That Code
3-2-1 Contact
A Better Roadmap
The Meat Has Gone Bad
What's in a Namespace?
Sequence Points and Parallelism
Qui Mal y Pense
Embedded C++ Update
Codifying Existing Whatever
Lying Code

What Barely Works [Jan 2000]
Finding C Level
E- for Effort
Great Reckoning, Little Room
Quitting Time