Science Fiction by P.J. Plauger

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“Epicycle,” Analog, November 1973.

“Wet Blanket,” Analog, February 1974. Included in Infinite Loop, edited by Larry Constantine (Miller Freeman Books, 1993).

“Dark Lantern,” Analog, July 1974.

“Child of All Ages,” Analog, March 1975. Included in several anthologies. Plauger won the John W. Campbell Award as best new SF writer in 1975 largely on the basis of this story.

“Storymaker,” Galaxy, February 1976.

“The Con Artist,” Analog, December 1976.

“Here Be Dragons,” in Aurora: Beyond Equality, edited by Vonda N. McIntyre and Susan Janice Anderson (Fawcett, 1976).

“Fighting Madness,” novel in Analog Annual, edited by Ben Bova (Condé Nast, 1976). Published in German as Zeitkorrectur unmöglich (Bastei-Lübbe, 1981).

“Virtual Image,” in New Visions 3, edited by George R.R. Martin (Harcourt/Jove, 1979).

“Of the Last Kind,” Analog, April 1991.

“Wergild,” Analog, May/June 1994.

“Lucky Luke,” Analog, December 2003.